About time.

I shoot bands. Although this is no secret to most people who know a little bit about what I like to photograph, it isn't immediately obvious. Photos can be found scattered sporadically in and amongst the wedding and portrait photography, which I spend a good amount of my year doing.

This new website is not a departure from photographing weddings. I love weddings. To this day, they are consistently one of the most challenging types of shooting I come across each year. I owe a lot of my growth as a photographer to being in these high-pressure situations. This being said, the only body of work I've done to match the amount of time and effort I've spent with weddings are photographs made in the music world. It's a world I feel very passionately about. 

Without a space to properly show my work online, I've become somewhat of a photo-hoarder. I have photos from weird concerts in dive-bars to major bands at festivals and in stadiums that have never seen the light of day. I think it's time to start showing some of that work. You can expect a lot of un-published photographs coming your way as well as new photographs from festivals, concerts, recording studios and anywhere I get involved with my camera. 

Starting with Rock The Shores this weekend, I'll also be photographing Squamish Festival and Rifflandia. I couldn't be more excited.