The Cat Empire // Victoria // April 12th, 2012 - with my iphone

An audience member blew some bubbles early in The Cat Empire's set. I watched as they floated to the picturesque ceiling of the Alix Goolden Hall. When they reached the top, I envisioned the ceiling falling down on us. I saw the speakers toppling over as we jumped harder and higher. The pillars were snapping and the stained glass, shattering. The church was collapsing on us.

Of course, besides the bubbles, this never happened. The Cat Empire put the Alix Goolden Hall through a series of rigid structure testing, and surprisingly, it's still standing today. If this disaster were to happen though, The Cat Empire would not stop playing, people would still be dancing; we would find a way to make it work through all the rubble and shattered glass. That's the vibe I got from the audience. No one was ready to stop going absolutely bat shit crazy. Estranged fans would even continue to crowd-surf. Yes... crowd-surfing in this old Victorian church, it happened.

I tried to get access with my Camera, but I guess I can't get into every show I'm dying to shoot. This is the way the industry works, I suppose. It's a tough one, where you need to be connected to the world to get a few good pictures of a live performance. After a quick sprint to the car and back to store my gear, I got in. This was the first gig I'd been to without a camera in a about a year and a half. It was weird, but it was very relieving. I got to rock out, front and center, no pressure to produce pictures.

Of course, I couldn't help but take a few shots with my iPhone. I seriously think I am addicted to documenting everything I see. Maybe I have a problem? When the light was right for a few quick moments...I just could not resist.

I'm rather impressed with how the iPhone handled the low light. I mean. Sure.. SUPER GRAIN. Not tack sharp in this type of environment. Colour control is all over the place. Let's not even talk about the shutter speed. These are not pristine photographs by any means. However; did it capture the moment, grasp the feeling of the show, or convey a bit of the story?


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