Mother Mother & Hannah Georgas - Victoria // Duncan // Vancouver

While I wish I had the time to go on a full cross-Canada tour with them, I'm still really glad that I got to shoot three concerts in BC. Originally I was going to shoot the Nanaimo and Campbell River shows as well, but due to snow on the Malahat, getting up island was rather impossible and I had to turn around and head back to Victoria before I managed to get up island. Regardless, I had a great time getting to know Ryan, Jasmin, Jeremy, Molly and Ali better.

We've crossed paths several times, having shot them 4 times before this tour and spending the day with Jasmin at one of the Weddings I shot last year. This time I was able to roam absolutely freely around the venues, without 3 song rules or access restrictions. It's a really great feeling to be the only photographer allowed to do so, and it gives you a lot of space to get creative and focus on getting the good shots. Beyond that it's always fun to be backstage and get an idea of what life is like behind the scenes for musicians.

Touring can be really harsh. It is mentally and physically draining. I honestly don't know how Mother Mother kept showing such immense energy on stage right through Victoria, Duncan and Nanaimo, but they did. Bravo to them, I say. Beyond that their level of commitment to their fans is top notch. It never feels like a scripted show because it isn't. Ryan has a different thing to say each night, and it's always so interesting to hear what he says next. Not even the encore is the same show to show. Victoria got what Victoria wanted, and the same for Duncan and Vancouver.

Below are the images from the three concerts I shot and a little hint of the exploring I got to do with my friend, Berkley, in Duncan. It really was great and brings me one step closer to doing a full tour with a major band across Canada - which has been a dream of mine for a while now.

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