The Stag

The idea: take a bunch of city-slickers and turn them into a gun-slinging, horse riding, whisky-loving cowboys, over a weekend in the driest place in Canada. Ashcroft is home to Sundance Ranch, which I must say hosted one of the better adventures of the last few years of my life. It was Brent's Stag, and when he asked me to join him and the gang, I absolutely could not refuse the invite. 

I feared horses, once. 

Actually, fear is a rather intense way of describing it. I revered them, much in the same way as I revere the ocean. Horses and large bodies of water always left me standing in awe at the idea of how powerful and out of your control they are. Arguably, a well trained horse is controllable - but I think it is in much the same way as when you get comfortable to swimming in the ocean. Sometimes you can't predict when a freak riptide is going to sneak in and carry you out into the middle of the ocean. Horses are powerful, especially when compared to a 5'6" human like me. 

Well, I got used to riding. I learned to love it. I conquered my "fear" of horses well before the last day, so to say. On our last ride out I had a new horse. A sassy one, if you will. For some reason she didn't like me very much. I know this because she tried to buck me off, rocking back and forth a total of 5 times in what felt like eternity. In my head, the phrase, "5D Mark III, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark III," repeated over and over again. I wasn't preoccupied with my bones, no; it was my precious gear I had slung on me that appeared in my head in what I thought were the last few moments of my life. 

Somehow I managed to hold onto the reigns, calm right down, yank back on the sassy beast, and regain control. Of course, only one of the 11 members in our gang managed to see what happened. To the rest it was myth. To Andrew - the only man behind me - it was a spectacle. I could tell by his gaping expression and failure to immediately verbalize what he had just witnessed. 

Many more moments were had. Friendships were strengthened over sharing experiences that were quite different to what the majority of us were used to. It was certainly not your typical stag, but in almost every way, it was better. My kind of adventure. 

On the way to Ashcroft, I picked up a box of 5 cameras for 2 toonies on the side of the road. That's right. $6. I got myself a roll of expired film - since that's all Fas Gas had - and fired the Olympis Trip 35 off coupled with a flash. It turned out great. There also happen to be a few where I turned the camera on myself. Yep. Me. On my blog. It's weird to see me on here. 

...and lastly, what would a personal post be without some iPhone snaps. I have an iPhone 4, and it is absolutely one of my favourite cameras. Once I upgrade to the iPhone 5, or the upgrade to that, I will jump from a 5MP camera to an 8MP camera with much better ISO, resolution and image integrity. When that happens it may become my most used personal camera. With the help of apps like VSCO cam, you can create some stunning images like the ones below.  

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