Rock The Shores 2013

Everything you do at a festival defines your experience of it. My experience of a festival as a photographer is nothing the same as the average festival goer. I get my three songs to experience the band at full-force, within arms reach... while I shoot alongside anything from 10-35 photographers. It's a battle zone, I'll tell you that. Right after, I'm booted out by security to a not-so-decent spot to watch the show or find new things to shoot. At the point I'm not sure if I've got all the photographs I wanted, or if I got to actually experience the bands show, fully. It's a curious thing to go through. In between each "three song set," I usually find myself looking for the next moment. Be it backstage or front. Things are always happening. 

You go through this over and over and over, until you've reached the last band and you leave the photo pit for the final time. "Did I shoot enough? Did I push myself enough?" I ask myself. There is no turning back. I hope for the best. I make sure I have the best time I can doing anything I do. The experience is different to the average festival goer, but I can say without a doubt that my experience was a positive one this year. 

I love festivals. I love music. I love people letting me photograph them having the time their life. Hanging out, conversing, drinking an odd beer. Festivals are very likeable.

I am thrilled when I come out with a set of images that allow people a to relive the experience they had watching the same events I had the opportunity to photograph. Images have the power to evoke these feelings in people after the moment has happened. This is one of the reasons I love photography more than almost anything.  

This is my experience of the festival:

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