Rifflandia 2013

Officially, this is my 4th year shooting Rifflandia. Rifflandia has been around for 6 years in total, and has grown steadily ever since. I feel quite fortunate to be a part of something in such a way that I really get to see that happen, front-of-house and backstage. As the festival has grown, so have I - as a member of an amazing Victoria community, and as a photographer. I'm looking forward to making it 5 years. 

This was the first year where I could not shoot every single show I could possibly find my way to. I was shooting a wedding all of Saturday and had to miss an entire park day and all the night stages - including most of Friday evening. That being said, I was still witness to some pretty interesting things. I've shot somewhere in the vicinity of 500 bands in concert now - so I've seen a lot... Mykki Blanco and Bosnian Rainbows were probably the most notable crazy "I've never seen this before" shows of the festival that I saw. Everything about Mykki Blanco's show was high energy, insanely raw and totally in your face. He was actually in my face at one point. Pics to prove it below. Bosnian Rainbows was a different kind of crazy. Google image search "Teri Gender Bender" and you'll immediately get what I'm saying. She's a character so obscure I can't describe it to you. I hope that my series of photographs chasing her around the beer garden, dancing, crawling and stripping her clothes off will give you an idea of what type of show it was. 

Both of these were artists I never knew about before the festival. Rifflandia has a knack of leaving me with a handful of artists the check out after the festival.  I'm listening to Bosnian Rainbows as I type this. This is one of the reasons I love attending - even if I don't know much of the line-up, I leave knowing that much more about the music world. 

I hope the photographs below can showcase a glimpse of my glimpse of this years Rifflandia.

Oh, just to give you a sense of time and what it means to have shot 4 years of the festival, the first picture is of Sjoerd. Sjoerd was the second man whose wedding I ever shot. Since then, he has formed a band and Sarah a and him have had a baby. He's not doing too bad if I don't say so myself. 

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