Mother Mother

Mother Mother & Hannah Georgas - Victoria // Duncan // Vancouver

While I wish I had the time to go on a full cross-Canada tour with them, I'm still really glad that I got to shoot three concerts in BC. Originally I was going to shoot the Nanaimo and Campbell River shows as well, but due to snow on the Malahat, getting up island was rather impossible and I had to turn around and head back to Victoria before I managed to get up island. Regardless, I had a great time getting to know Ryan, Jasmin, Jeremy, Molly and Ali better.

We've crossed paths several times, having shot them 4 times before this tour and spending the day with Jasmin at one of the Weddings I shot last year. This time I was able to roam absolutely freely around the venues, without 3 song rules or access restrictions. It's a really great feeling to be the only photographer allowed to do so, and it gives you a lot of space to get creative and focus on getting the good shots. Beyond that it's always fun to be backstage and get an idea of what life is like behind the scenes for musicians.

Touring can be really harsh. It is mentally and physically draining. I honestly don't know how Mother Mother kept showing such immense energy on stage right through Victoria, Duncan and Nanaimo, but they did. Bravo to them, I say. Beyond that their level of commitment to their fans is top notch. It never feels like a scripted show because it isn't. Ryan has a different thing to say each night, and it's always so interesting to hear what he says next. Not even the encore is the same show to show. Victoria got what Victoria wanted, and the same for Duncan and Vancouver.

Below are the images from the three concerts I shot and a little hint of the exploring I got to do with my friend, Berkley, in Duncan. It really was great and brings me one step closer to doing a full tour with a major band across Canada - which has been a dream of mine for a while now.

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Ryan Guldemond - Lucky Bar - Victoria

I don't often find myself shooting solo acts, but when I do it is usually pretty challenging. There is only so much you can do, and for the most part, the imagery is so reliant on the subject. Fortunately, Ryan's presence on stage is one of the most unique and interesting I have ever encountered. This isn't the first time I've shot him too. I've photographed his band, Mother Mother, four times now and never get tired of it. This was my first time seeing Ryan do a solo act, and it was magnificent. I recommend checking him out if he ever does a show in your neighbourhood. He is a master at his craft and a total compositional and lyrical genius.

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Rifflandia 2012

As some of you who know me may know, Rifflandia week is one of my most anticipated weeks of the year. It's that week in the year where I get to mix many of my favourite things; photography, good friends, music and local beer. Seriously, what more could I ask for in a great weekend? Furthermore, Rifflandia festival has always served as a marker for how I've progressed with my photography. It's only just over two years ago, in 2010, that I shot Rifflandia for the first time. It was also my first festival and concert photography experience ever. A week before the festival I had finally upgraded from a Pentax k-x to a Canon 50D and experienced my first f/1.4 glass; my nifty fifty. I often think of that weekend in '10 as one of the greatest learning curves of my career. A year later I shot the festival again, and I was able to apply everything I had learned that year to shoot arguably the same gig over again. And finally, two years later now, I had my go at Rifflandia for the third time over. It's been a wonderful experience so far and a great way to track what I've learned each year and how my style has changed. 

OK. Enough camera and photography talk. Let's get to the pictures and talk a bit about the festival and some of my highlights. I got to meet one of my favourite artists in the world, Reggie Watts. I met him just before the festival started. If you want to laugh, go check this guy out. He also happens to be one of the nicest human beings I've ever met. I left that with an instax (polaroid type photograph) of me and him. I also gave him one of himself outside habit to keep, which he continued to instagram to thousands of his fans. This was not my only Reggie experience though. I was in the photo pit shooting him, and I took another instax picture of him rocking out and threw it onto his towel as we left the pit. 10 minutes later, he picked it up and showed it to the ENTIRE festival and went on about how it was great that someone threw him a present. I freaked out a little bit. I almost died a few times at the Fucked Up show on friday night because of how rowdy the crowd was, but that all was worth it in the end because of who I met. Band of Skulls, another one of my favourite bands, were drinking beers in the back. I went over to say hi and they invited me to drink beers with them for a while. Naturally, I was fangirling in my mind about how this was real.

-- Day One --  

-- Day Two --

-- Day Three -- 

-- Day 4 --

So as you can tell, this is an entirely Black and White collection. I actually have a lot more to show than the pictures you've seen here. If you want to see more you can find another selection of images at Scene In The Dark, and in a month or so, you can buy yourself a copy of FILTER Magazine (Based out of California but for sale internationally) for whom I shot a Rifflandia print feature for. Lastly, have a look at my Tumblr for some more - I often release a lot of exlusive and personal content there. Lastly, subscribe to my Facebook Page to keep up to date with future posts and shoots. 

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