Los Campesinos! at Electric Owl - Vancouver

Connor and I made The Great Trek to see these guys (and gals - very rocking gals). You know, that crazy adventure across the pacific by ferry? To be fair, it's really not that crazy. I quite enjoy the time I spend on public transport with friends, especially on a ferry where you are forced to sit in comfy chairs with the option of decent, but overpriced food and have a good conversation. Quality time. I'm a big fan. We took the bus, and then a ferry, and then a bus, a Skytrain, a bus, another bus, a Skytrain, and finally a decent stroll. The adventure wasn't over, though. It never is. Entering into the Electric Owl was interesting, to say the least. After I had my Katana Mojito, the usual crowd started to file in. It became a wonder world of thick rimmed glasses, brilliant blue lights, wallah wallah, and enough energy to push the earth off of it's axis if everyone decided to jump at the same time. There wasn't even an opening band. We stood no chance... it was just instant Los Campesinos!, right in your face... right where you felt it most (In Connor's case, it was right in his chest, delivered personally by the righteous knee of lead singer Gareth Campesinos!). And then I took some pictures: