Just for fun...

I was in Camera Traders today, picking up my rentals for the weekend coming up and I was trying out some lenses. I thought I'd try something wide, as I am shooting a group of girls this weekend at Beacon Hill Park. That's when a fish-eye lens was handed to me over the counter. It was SUPER-WIDE. It caught everything in the shop I didn't think it could catch in one picture.

I always try to have as much fun as I can on a shoot, that way, both me and the people I shoot enjoy the day. This fish-eye is quite a fun lens! So, it seems suitable and I'll try and capture some fun images with the lens. It will be hard, shooting with a fish-eye lens is usually quite a gimmick and not usually used for portraits - but hey, I like trying new things, and if it doesn't work, at least I don't own the lens!

Here is a picture I took inside, just for any Lomographers out there eyeing the Holga Toy Camera's.