Rifflandia 3 - Music Festival

Ever since I'd seen photographers at music festivals and concerts I've wanted to be them, because they were up-close and personal with the bands, usually jumping around in the photopit, and often allowed backstage. A couple of months ago I never would have seen myself doing this, at all, whatsoever. Even once I'd thought to myself that I was capable of doing it, I didn't think I had the right equipment. 

At the last minute, about a week and a half before, I had just gotten my Canon with a Lens fast enough to shoot it. Also, with the Canon body, I was able to rent a number of EF lenses that would do the job well in odd lighting scenarios - which is present at the bulk of all concert and gig venues. So I emailed them and to my surprise, they had two spots for me. They weren't the greatest of venues, but, it got me into the festival.

By doing these venues, I had the right to move around anywhere in the other venues as well and get some more pictures taken. It was a blast, and I got to photograph some really sweet bands and DJ's from all over Canada and a couple from foreign places like Australia.

This was my first band shoot with my new equipment, and I learnt a lot over the four days the festival went on. The first day my shutter speeds were too slow, the second day...well, I didn't shoot that day as much as I slept... the third day my focus was out and by the fourth day I was shooting completely manual to ensure a fast enough capture with manual focus so that I could keep tabs on the artist as they jumped and zoomed and slid everywhere. Disregarding all the snags I hit along the way, I managed to snap some pictures throughout the festival that I'm happy with:

Delhi 2 DublinDJ Rowan  Kate MillerKate Miller-HeidkeKate Miller-HeidkeMelissa Auf der MaurHot Hot HeatHot Hot Heat