Bella and Finley

The images are complete! Not only did I have a lot of fun with the shoot, but with the editing too. It brought back some pretty swell moments.

Within the first few minutes of the shoot, just as Bella and Finn started having fun in the park, Bella took a tumble. A single tumble can cause a little grief sometimes, no matter how happy you are. Here is a before and after photo:

So the time came for quick thinking. I pulled out my "Magic" Instax camera - which is like a polaroid camera - and took a photo of her and her mom. I don't think she had ever seen anything like it before and wasn't very interested in a white photo the size of a business card. So while waiting for the "Magic" to happen, I was ready to take some more shots. As I did when I saw my first polaroid picture develop infront of my eyes, her face lit up in a thousand ways. In good ways.

...a few moments later, and Bella and Finn were back on an adventure.

Even though it took quite some time to grab Finn's attention, he was striking some pretty solid poses.

 You can view a slide show of the rest of the pictures on my Smugmug.