My Sister. (Twin)

If anyone out there know's both me and my sister, they know a few things: we're quite different in almost every way, but share a few similarities other than just a birthday. We both work a lot and have completely different schedules too, so to find some time where we weren't working and I hadn't already had a shoot lined up was nearly impossible. In fact, it was impossible. A few days ago we had spontanoues, coinciding schedule changes though, and so we ran off to the nearest park for a short 30 minute shoot.

She was interesting to capture. She has a tendancy to "conquer" things. So where I would normally compose someone around an object, she would "conquer" it by jumping on top of the object in question and striking a pose. Thankfully she didn't conquer the Hitachi bull-dozer we found towards the end of the shoot. 

Well it was fun to edit these. With her being my sister, I had a lot of freedom to mess around. I'm not too scared of what she may think of me experimenting drastically on her (I'm just a little scared). Well now she is in Seattle, shopping with my dad and preparing to fly home. While I would have LOVED to go home at this time, I will have to settle for next year some time, when my schedule allows for it.

Without further wait - and trust me, she put the sister pressure on - here are some pictures from our super quick spontaneous shoot.