On set with Dave Wallace - Chelsea-Lyne's music video.

Ready for my biggest blogpost yet? Well this is it. Dave Wallace of Innovate Imageworks invited me out to shoot on day-1 of a music video he is producing for Chelsea-Lyne. The first thing I realised when I got there were the studio lights. SCORE!

Whenever I'm asked to shoot indoors I immediately question the quality of light. Well this is the beauty of shooting on a film set. Videographers actually understand the fundemental importance of light - good ones, at least. On top of that, the location was chosen because of its white walls, which is always super fun to work with.

Unfortunately I had to leave early, but I snagged as many pictures as I could in what time I had. The music was good, the people were into it, and everyone was having a good time doing their thing. It was like a big white box filled with creativity. The kind of big white box I like to find myself in.

I won't keep you waiting, you'll probably need a little energy for the 34 pictures.