Cory and Marcus

I just met these two on a quick adventure of mine a moment ago. I get stuck inside the house for long periods at a time doing work, and watching the weather outside. When it gets as spectacular as this I feel inclined to go outside. I grabbed my faithful longboard and took the galloping goose trail to Swan Lake. My bearing: a dock that brings some sort of awesome everytime I go there.

This time was my first encounter with Canadian Geese - ever. I was immediately greeted by a very friendly couple by the names of Cory and Marcus. After talking for quite some time, and feeding many geese - and an odd duck -  I found out that these two do this quite often. So often that they have watched the entire flock grow from birth. They can even distinguish between certain geese and their characters. Joining the flock was a duck whose story I now know.

The duck was sick at a very young age, and outcast by its team. So it joined the flock of geese that I came across today. It recovered from its weakened state, but was never accepted back into the team of ducks. Now, it raoms the area with the geese. You can see the entire flock of geese fly off 6 pictures below, and the duck in the top of the picture. Unfortunately this is one of those pictures where I could have focused better had I known what was going to happen a second before it did - so have fun distinguishing between him and the geese.

Back to Cory and Marcus; they are getting married next year in the Okanagan, in full traditional wear and cultural proceedings. They'ld love for me to shoot their wedding, and I couldn't be more honoured to do so. It will certainly be a very different vibe to 99 percent of the weddings I'll be attending next year.