A New Blog.

Here it is: My new blog, dedicated entirely to photography. Why? So that my personal blog does not get bombarded with photography jargon which some people out there might find nauseating, and so that I have my own space on the internet where I can direct people interested in my photography towards. 

Although I am splitting my cyberlife into a personal blog and a photography blog, you don't have to worry about impersonal photography posts! This space is dedicated to showcasing my work to you - the reader - so that you know a little about what I do, and sometimes, how I do it. 

I always prefer a blog post with a picture in it of course; here is one that I took at Starbucks on the fourth day of Rifflandia while i was waiting for my shoot to begin that night. A dog? Yes, it is a dog. A little, shaky dog. Why am I posting a dog as my first image? Well, for now, my blog is little and shaky, and seemingly new to this world. We'll see how it grows (I'll try and veer from transforming it into the ferocious type of dog none of us seem to understand).

Canon 50D with Rokinon 85mm f1.4 USM - 100 ISO at 1/90 sec at f/1.4.