Jaclyn Harper - Spontaneous Portrait Session.

I had just gotten my very own Canon 50D and finally made the switch from Pentax. Within a week I had figured out how to use a Canon model as opposed to my Pentax - everything is almost exactly opposite. With my new 50mm f/1.4 USM ready to go, I was eager to shoot anything that came in my way. 

On an odd weekday I made my way towards Jaclyn to hang out and catch up on life. After some relaxing at Starbucks we headed back towards her house to do some exploring while the light was slowly transcending into that warm, sunset glow we see before dark. Well, in the end, we were exploring the Royal Oak Burial Park. 

At first I was a little weirded out, as I fortunately have not been to a cemetery in years, but this was apparently a very common place for people to walk their dogs through, speed through on runs and saunter through on casual strolls. We found some pretty locations and as I started taking pictures, Jaclyn weaved her way into a couple of them.

When I was expecting the typical, "DELETE THAT PHOTO!" I got the photographers dream phrase instead: "I don't mind, take as many pictures as you'ld like." And thus, my first portrait session had begun. Both Jaclyn and I had tremendous fun running around, looking for more interesting spots in the cemetery to capture as many images as humanly possible. It was a race to the end, until the sun had finally set on us.

Here are some images of Jaclyn taken that day: