Doing a kindness - A short story about a picture.

I just received an email from Jamie - a pretty cool guy I met at the Rifflandia after party. Jamie was a volunteer at the festival, and we never crossed paths until the last hour of that crazy weekend; but really, we had already connected on some arbitrary level. As some of you may know, Mother Mother is one of my favourite bands. They are connected with their fans on a level that so many bands have never achieved; no one is left out at a concert. On Friday, I got scheduled to shoot the main stage at Royal Athletic Park, where Mother Mother would come and rock everyone's minds away. You can imagine how excited I was to see one of my favourite bands right up front, and shoot them at the same time. So I shot them. I loved it. Somewhere in the set, I decided to do this thing I do occasionally when I feel the moment is right. That thing is taking an Instax picture (same thing as a polaroid). It's a very different thing, but a thing I quite enjoy to do. Doing this thing can be a very love-hate, bittersweet deal for me though. My obsession with taking photographs is a given, but something you may not know is I also find so much joy in giving people these pictures; you can see how this may become a bit of an inner struggle for me when taking Instax pictures. There is only one original, and while I wish there was a digital copy at times, I feel that would ruin the magic of this thing I do occasionally. I took this picture and immediately threw it onto stage next to his feet. As you can see, Ryan (Lead singer), is a little preoccupied with blowing everyone way, so I am not surprised that he did not notice the picture. All I could do was hope that he saw it before he left the stage; I wanted to give something back to them after they had given so much to the audience. The next day I was scheduled for the War Child Lounge - an intimate acoustic gig to raise funds for the War Child foundation - where Mother Mother would play again. Given the nature of the venue, I was able to get in touch with Ryan and ask him whether or not he had found the picture. He said he hadn't seen it. So if Ryan didn't have it, who did? It didn't really bother me that someone else had it, as it would do its purpose and bring someone joy. So, I took another for Ryan, handing it to him personally this time and was pretty happy that no one else had found their way into the equation and taken it. On Sunday, in the late hours of the Rifflandia after party, when everyone who volunteered could take a breath and chill out for a second, maybe have a Rifflandabrau or two, I met Jamie. I took Jamie's picture, and he told me that he already had an Instax. He took it out of his wallet and handed it to me. To my absolute amazement, the picture I took on Friday of Ryan had miraculously found its way into this mans wallet, and then into my hands. I couldn't take it away from him, the Instax had chosen Jamie's wallet to live in. I gave Jamie my email address and asked him to scan and email me the picture so that I could send it to Mother Mother. I thought it would be unlikely that I would get the email, but Jamie did me the kindness and sent it my way.