Wedding at a meteorite crater.

Yes, I was at a meteriote crater. Yes, this was a wedding. What was I doing at the meteorite crater? I was attending a 3-day Trance festival called: "Tswaing Crater Gathering," just outside of Shoshonguve. My main goal for the weekend was not entirely to dance myself into a trance, but to document the culture behind a festival like this. I don't think I could have stumbled upon a more incredible occasion than what was going on in the circle near the dance floor. While the trance music continued in the distance, Emma "Tent-Dweller" Thompson and Damien "Couch-Hopper" Harry were getting married. This may not seem like your traditional marriage, but it certainly has all the attributes to make it the special event that it is; a bride and groom, loved ones (gathered in a circle), someone to conduct the ceremony, and a lot of love floating around. With my first official wedding of the season coming up this weekend, I wasn't expecting to see this type of festivity while I was still in South Africa. I have since returned to Canada, and you can expect many blog posts from here on out.