1 Year Anniversary

Many people have asked me how I got into photography. Well...story time: My friend from South Africa had been staying in my house for a few weeks and did a little work in construction. The man he worked for was moving to a new house and also decided that his new house needed new funiture, so he invited my friend to go to the old house and take whatever he wanted for his own before the man put everything on UsedVictoria. My friend brought me with him and we went searching. We did not know what we would find, and in no way could I predict that a simple artifact concealed in the dark confines of the house would alter the course of my life.

We stumbled into the garage. In the corner lay a camera. It lay there waiting to be picked up and have its thick layer of ancient dust blown clear off its name. A Pentax P5. I took it home. I cleaned it up. Clearly, I knew nothing about film cameras, as I tried to take pictures without a lens on. My mother told me it was broken and it would end up with all the other junk I had collected in the past which I had sworn to fix. I told her she was wrong.

Surely enough, it lay next to my bed for a few weeks as my mother had predicted. I wanted to fix it, use it, take a dip into the world of photography, but I had no cash to get a lens or a roll of film. So I saved some money, found Camera Traders, and found myself the new owner of a Vivitar 28-90mm f/2.8 and some cheap expired film.

I shot about 10 exposures over the next month, too scared to waste what precious film I had on moments I thought were not profound enough at the time. Although physically I captured nothing, I spent hours upon hours looking through the camera, entirely intrigued by life through the viewfinder, capturing mental images.

Spring break followed and I spent the entire break working, overtime even, as well as two weeks after the break packing fruit at a grocery store (If you've ever wondered why I seem to know what strain of apple you're eating, anytime, I attribute that skill to my time spent at Redbarn). I gathered a lot of money really quickly, and by the time my paycheck arrived I had decided to buy myself a DSLR. I saw it as an investment in a great machine. A machine that would be able to document my life in higher quality and perhaps give me the same level of interest as my film camera did.

And so, on March 26th of 2010 I baught my first DSLR. This was the first time I was seeing the images I produced, which to me marks the beginning of my photographical adventure, after all, it took me another month to develop the images from my film camera. From then on, I've taken a camera with me wherever I go. It's a rare case to see me without it, which I'm sure most of you who know me personally can vouch for. Over the months I shot anything and everything, all the time. I wasn't sure why I did this so often, but I enjoyed it more and more. Closer to graduation I wished that I had started shooting at a younger age, and that I already had a business running. Over the summer I decided to push my photography as much as I could and by the end of it, I started doing portraits of people. These people referred other people to me, and so on and so forth. Eventually, the prospect of photography as a career became more and more achievable. Eventually I got referred to a wedding, and then another wedding.

So I set up my blog, online galleries, facebook page, twitter acount, and anything else I thought would be the foundations of pursuing photography as a career for me. Nervous as to what people would think about my efforts, and a little excited, I couldn't believe the enormous response I got. That response was on of the deciding factor for me to persue photography as a career.

Nothing has captivated me more than photography in my entire life. Just over a year ago, when I picked up a a camera for the first time, there was absolutley no way I could possibly see how photography would pan out in my life. Although it's only been a year, I feel like I've been shooting my entire life. This is what I do now, and I am blessed to have it as my chosen career and live out as my dream job. I feel like the luckiest man on earth. None of it would be possible without every person out there who checks my blog out from time to time, or refers my work to a friend of thiers. Word-of-mouth really is the greatest compliment to a photographer. It's genuine. So a big thank you to you. Whoever you are, you're reading this, and that matters to me.

There it is, the story of how I got involved with photography.

Taken by my friend Jon-Mark. You don't come across shots of a photographer too often.