Alchemy Fashion Shoot.

I was assisting a friend of mine, Jordan Insley, on one of his fashion shoots. I took some "behind the scenes" shots, and thought I would blog about it. First off, it was really cool to see how Alchemy's hairstylist, Mary, styled the hair. I can now see why people keep telling me I am so lucky to have curly hair - it is really hard to turn straight hair curly. Mary definitely pulled it off perfectly. Solange did a phenomenal job with the models makeup. As well as that, she brought along her lovely dog, livy, who kept us entertained the entire time. Otherwise, being in a fashion environment was very different to a portrait environment - or even a wedding environment. It is still a lot of fun, just a different type of fun. As with Weddings, though, there is the "hair and makeup" session before the ceremony - or in this shoot. You'll see the final product sometime in the future, but here are the candids for your indulgence.