The Dodos - Sugar Night Club - 04/01/11

Ah! What a great week is has been. I got to shoot Mother Mother and The Dodos, both of which are some of my favourite bands. On the same token, both are incredibly different. What I've always loved about The Dodos, was their edge. They have this alternative thing going on that I can't describe. It adds so much to their genre of music.

It was definitely a good time. If you're familiar with the songs "Fools" and "The Season," you would have rocked your soul out last night. At least, that's what happened during the encore. After Meric told the audience not to mosh, the opposite transpired ofcourse, much to the bands delight. For a while, things got a little crazy. But that's The Dodos for you.

The first four are of Reading Rainbow who opened for the Dodos. They put on quite a show too.