Dylan and Elise - 2 Year anniversary.

On Saturday, I rented a lens from Camera Traders for the weekend. Being a Tilt-Shift lens, it was completely out of the ordinary. I'm sure you will be able to tell what makes these images different to normal ones, and understand for yourself how tilt-shift lenses work. The brief explanation is that you are able bend light and shoot the wall of focus at different angles almost perpendicular to the sensor (normally, it's parallel). I felt like a little kid playing with this lens... and I couldn't wait to take it out for a spin. Fortunately, it was my brother and his girlfriend's 2 year anniversary. I know, right? Two years? That's a feat I haven't matched up to, even with my 18 month head start on life. Anyways, it's about time I get some pictures of my brother on here. We took a walk around downtown and did some fun things - even a little planking (the viral internet sensation which I do not endorse in any way on a count of it possibly being lethal...).