Aidan Knight - St. Andrews - 06/10/12

Many great things were happening on Friday night. Besides the Canucks winning game five against the Bruins, Aidan Knight and the Friendly Friends were playing at St. Andrews. Funny thing was, even being at the concert, you didn't really miss out on any of the hockey game's action. Occasionally, when the songs got soft, we could hear the cheer in the streets. Opening the concert was Julia Wakal, AKA Spectacles, and also one of the Friendly Friends. She has a remarkable voice; incredibly mesmerizing. I'm looking forward to seeing her more on the scene. Matt Lockhart of Treelines came on next and rocked us with that booming voice of his. During the intermission, I stepped out for some fresh cheer. The streets were crazy. Finally it was Aidan Knight's turn to take the stage. Not much to say about him that you shouldn't already know, because really, you should know about him. It's a group like this that keeps reminding me how much talent we have in Victoria. Fortunately it didn't end there. I got treated to a free show today outside the BC Museum - That's where the last four pictures are coming from. I've been trying some new editing styles that emulate the old film look - let me know what you think of it!