Terron and Mariko - Engagement

I met Terron and Mariko when they booked me about 10 months ago to shoot their wedding. From that first initial meet, I knew that these two were going to be an incredible couple to work with. Needless to say, I was excited to shoot them, and after seeing them a few more times in the following months, my excitement only grew. A few days ago we got to do the shoot, and it turned out to be one of the most fun shoots I have ever been on. I really love it when couples make suggestions about their shoot, so that we can work on personalizing it and turning it into something more than a regular photo session. These two CP's ("cutie pies" - what they call each other all the time [you learn something everyday]) were no exception to this. As a student, Mariko had always wanted to get a certain picture of herself and her man when she would eventually meet him. The picture in question was from a very famous poster she had of a couple on the beach (I guarantee you have seen the picture somewhere in your life and you will recognize it further in the blog post). Mariko showed me the picture, and so, we made it happen. Terron suggested we go to China beach, which I am thrilled he thought about because it has got to be one of the most fantastic beaches I have ever come across (this is serious news coming from a South African whose home country is famous for it's coastline). We got to the beach, we had tonnes of fun, and we got the picture. The combo of suggestions, awesome location and enthusiastic/incredible/absolutely-in-love couple contributed to incredible images.

I am more excited than ever to shoot their wedding at Bear Mountain on September 17th.