Terron and Mariko - Teaser

I'll save all the juicy stuff for the entire post, but let me tell you this: Terron and Mariko deserve major props for throwing an incredible wedding. So many small things that they made their own made the day very unique. It's always a pleasure to be there when your new found friends finally take the plunge and get married. These two are also receiving a slight touch of fame. An engagement photo I took was accepted into a national contest for bride.ca, and within 24 hours they have received 300+ votes. People love these two. If you are as much a fan of Terron and Mariko as I am, take a look at the Competition, and place your votes on some of the magnificent talent in the running for this years best engagement photo of the summer time. As for choosing teaser photos - major pet peave. I am huge on telling a story, and breaking the day up is always hard, so I have selected three very random images to share with you until I get through the final edit.

If you'ld like to throw them a vote, check it out here.