Tiffany and Chris

Sometimes I am lost for words and I think my pictures can tell a better story, but there are a few things you should know about this wedding. It was not conventional. There was no ceremony. Tiffany and Chris got married a few days after they contacted me to shoot their wedding in a more private setting, but the wedding was not over. As you know, the ceremony doesn't come without some sort of celebration. That's what this day was like for me. It was non-stop celebration thrown a few days after the actual ceremony. After shooting so many weddings this year, it was refreshing to get things done differently. Bride and Groom got ready in the same house, there was no rush to get to the ceremony, family pictures were done after the first dance. Everything I knew about how your wedding day is supposed to go down was spun around. I must say, one of the reasons I love wedding photography is this: it keeps you on your toes. No matter how good you are at anticipating events, things will change, a random driver may ram into the car owned by one of the groomsmen as you are leaving, or you may have to stop at Safeway while the bride picks up some champagne. These things will happen, and it makes the 15 hour day worth every minute. These are the things that happened at their wedding:

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