Russell & Daniela Engagement.

The streets and malls were buzzing with shoppers on Boxing day, but Russell, Daniela and I had other plans. We went on an adventure, starting with something warm to drink. These two didn't need much warming up, though. They jumped straight into the shoot with ease - partly because of Russell's ability to make Daniela insta-smile, but mostly because of how comfortable they were with each other in front of a camera. We explored the Nootka Court, made a detour into an arbitrary parking lot, and ended up along the oceanfront walkway. Nearing our final location, we were joined by quite an inquisitive seal. It only surfaced for a few seconds, but it was enough to add a touch of magic to the shoot. Russel and Daniela are getting married in Vancouver on the 18th of February. It will be my first wedding of the year, and we are hoping for snow (you must think we're nuts). I can't express how psyched I am to shoot their wedding, and in the more general scheme of things, get the wedding year started. I have big plans to make this year something special.

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