Tanya & Mike - Parksville Wedding

When I met Tanya, I felt a great sense of peacefulness from being around her. That feeling followed through onto the wedding day up-island at Tigh-Na-Mara. It was a quick, 2.5 hour shoot, something I don't generally do, but considering I had never been to Parksville, I thought it would be a nice little adventure to embark on right before Christmas. Their wedding was very small, and slightly out of the norm for me. It's good practice to work in new environments and set-ups, probably the reason I love wedding photography so much; you're always on your toes. Spending time with Mike and Tanya made me feel so at ease with the world, perhaps because they were so connected and sharing something that was very mutual, and incredibly beautiful. Perhaps it was the calm of the ocean. The beaches in Parksville are lovely, and I am so glad that all of these things came together to create some meaningful imagery.

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