Robert&Amanda - Engagement

It's an incredible thing when a couple arrives at a shoot very relaxed and ready to have a good time. This is exactly the feeling Robert and Amanda presented me with when I met them in Bastion Square. No matter how many shoots I do, I am always nervous to start with; not because I think I am incapable, but because I really want to do a stellar job with every shoot I do. Robert and Amanda put me at ease immediately. They are a very fun, trusting and adventurous pair. On that note, we went exploring through the downtown core, a location mecca for photographers. It's always a great shoot when I end up in a location I never knew existed in Victoria with two people radiating pre-wedding affection to take photographs of. We stumbled upon two such locations, and we may or may not have spent quite some time soaking in the glory of a good find. With that, I will leave you with what you came here for:
To all the people who come to my blog to see my work, thank you. The interest you show brings me so much joy, even in its anonymity. These pictures are the prelude to what is surely going to be a fantastic wedding. Make sure you "like" my facebook page to keep in touch with when I release the story.

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