Marc & Vanessa - Engagement

I just love engagement shoots that don't feel like a strict photo session, but more like a really great hang-out and stellar way to spend an afternoon. That's just what happened with Marc and Vanessa. We walked their dog, Addy, around Summit Park and later went canoeing on Elk Lake. Addy is one fine specimen of a Labradoodle and was a great companion to have a long the first part of the shoot. The second part of the shoot was me standing in a canoe in the middle of a lake with thousands of dollars of equipment strapped around me. Besides the nerves, it was as much fun for me as it was for Vanessa and Marc, I'm sure. We got the pictures, and I never fell in. These two will be getting married in just over two weeks, and I can't wait to get to know them better. Caeli and Jordan will also be at the wedding (Caeli is in the wedding party), and vice versa for Marc and Vanessa being at their wedding in Kelowna in September. Both weddings will be really good times. I couldn't be happier working with such great couples this year.

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