Marc & Vanessa

Vanessa is all smiles, all the time. On her wedding day she was even more so. It was so contagious I felt like I was the one having the best day of my life. She carried that smile all the way down the aisle to Marc, with the occasional teary moment on the way. Marc and Vanessa wanted to enjoy their entire day, with no rush, and no hassle. Their ceremony was early, and afterwards we hung out at their house for lunch with the wedding party and some family members. Then, Vanessa got back into her dress for the second time - both times at record breaking speeds for all the weddings I've shot in my career. We explored some of Victoria's beautiful scenery afterwards and took some pictures. Everything was so much fun because we allowed enough time for that to happen, and took it at a pace that kept everyone in good spirits. At the same time, I don't think anything could have gotten in the way of this wedding party and them having fun times. This was echoed by possibly the funniest speech I've ever heard in my life; the Viking speech by Robyn and Louisa. These two had me almost rolling on the floor in cramps. It wasn't easy to shoot. The reception was at the Fireside Grill, where I tried lobster ravioli for the first time (and it was remarkable, if you're wondering). The family was brought together with food, music, and dance, and more music, and then some more dance. Here is their story:

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