Kati & Steph - Vancouver Engagement

When I met Kati in Vancouver for the first time to talk about her wedding, I connected instantly with her. Unfortunately Steph was not able to make the meeting, but I knew that she had to be just as kind and interesting of a person as Kati. When I met Steph for the first time at the engagement shoot I knew that this was true. Both are truly wonderful people to be around, and just as great to photograph.

They introduced me to their dog, Blu, and their cat, Chocolate Bar, and the five of us hung out for a bit in their apartment catching up on recent life. Soon after we found our way to Wreck Beach, in Kitsalano. Once we got down the never-ending stairs, we explored the beach. It was here that Kati and Steph showed me just how connected the two of them are to each other. So comfortable in each others presence and ready to enjoy the moments of laughter and calmness on the beach.

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