Steph & Brent - Sloquet Hot Springs

This was no ordinary engagement shoot, which was perfect for Steph and Brent. Instead of an afternoon session, these two decided to treat us to a weekend away to the Sloquet Hotsprings. Engagement pictures at a hot spring sounded like a swell time, photographer or not, so we made it happen. Andrew came along for the ride as well - adding to the unordinary. I met Andrew the weekend before at Brent's Stag in Ashcroft at Sundance Ranch (which I will be posting soon). On the way to the hot springs, we stopped for a night at their cabin in Squamish, where the ceremony and reception will be held. Seeing the area before the wedding has made me a tad bit too excited to shoot there in July. The next morning we were off, stopping along the way through the Fraser Valley to absorb the sights and jump into the glacier fed rivers. Once we got to the Hot Springs we set up camp, took a deep breath, and let all the stress of normal life dissolve. I love my job most of the time - but particularly this weekend. Here are some photographs from our little adventure:

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