Kati & Steph - Nanaimo Wedding

I have to start right out with saying that this is one of the hardest weddings for me to describe. It started when I met Kati in Gastown in Vancouver, last minute, to talk about potentially shooting her wedding. We spoke for 3.5 hours and had to stop it there. I never got to meet Steph, but I figured that if I got on that well with Kati, that I there would be absolutely no problem with her partner of several years. Kati told me the entire story of their life together so far. 

I met Steph on the day of the engagement shoot in their apartment. We clicked instantly, as I suspected we would. After that shoot I knew that the wedding would be something incredible. 

A few short weeks before the engagement shoot, the two of the contacted me with unfortunate news. Their father's health had been deteriorating. What should have been a late June wedding became an April affair. Fortunately, we were able to find a date that worked. At that point I was so invested in their story that I could not imagine the idea of not being the one to document such an important day in such an important year of these two. 

The events that went down on the day of Kati and Steph's wedding could not have been anticipated. The weather suited the story perfectly. Moments were abundant. More emotion was thrown around than I was used to at your average wedding. 

I don't think I've cried that much at a wedding before. Everything was so sincere. Everything was genuine. 

I'm going to leave you with the photographs: 

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