Aaron & Alicia - Mystic Beach Engagement

Everything came together in this one. The three of us were out to have a good time and create something magical. At a location called Mystic Beach, how can you go wrong? You can't. Not with Aaron and Alicia. Nothing would get in the way of a good time. Not even the rain, which picked up as we got closer and closer to the Juan De Fuca Trail. "My gear is weather proof," I thought.

What I never thought about was how perfect the rain was for this shoot. It was the cherry on top, if you will.

I cannot thank Aaron and Alicia enough for being 150% into any crazy idea that came into my head. That, coupled with the fact that these too so openly radiate how the feel about eachother, made this shoot one to remember. 

At the end of it, when my 5D Mark III started flashing Error 20 at me and ceased to work, I wasn't sad or frustrated. I knew we got what we came for, 3 times over. I was happy, beyond measure, with choosing my path as a photographer. 

There wedding is in August. I wish it could come sooner. 

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