Layla & Cody - Thetis Island Wedding

Thetis Island was the first Gulf Island I have experienced so far. Without a doubt, I can tell you that one of my biggest mistakes while living on Vancouver Island for almost 5 years now is not having travelled to one of the islands. This was a truly beautiful place to explore, not to mention celebrate a wedding at. 

Layla and Cody chose the perfect location for their family and friends to gather. The only thing better than seeing everyone on your wedding day, is seeing them on an island the day before and after it too. I really had a great time working with these two. They knew how to worry about nothing else but having a great time with the people that meant most to them. The expressions on their faces when they saw each other for the first time, when they were officially married, and for practically every other moment thereafter showed a great sense of excitement within the two. 

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