Kirsten & Jonny - Duncan Weddin

Before Kirsten got engaged, I had never gotten an inquiry to shoot a friend's wedding. She and I had met in a concert's photo pit in 2010 while shooting Rifflandia in Victoria. It is a major honour when a friend asks you to be the photographer for their wedding day, and especially so when that friend is a photographer too. Of course, I was totally thrilled at the idea. A little nervous too. 

As soon as she got engaged, I got to meet her other half, Jonny. The two of them together are delightful, and so is their story. He is from the UK and she is from Canada. They met while travelling in New Zealand and have not been apart since. Travelling is one of the reasons these two met, and one of the things they have spent a large sum of their time together doing. Of course, this became the inspiration behind their travel themed wedding. 

Over the months leading to the wedding, the two of them kept me updated on their plans for the wedding. The more I heard from them, the more I could imagine what the day would be like. I got really excited. These two got my hopes up real high. When they day came around they exceeded my expectations. The killed it and had the best time ever doing it. I had a pretty grand time being a part of it. 

This is what you get when you throw a dozen fascinators, a ring-bearing harrison hawk (YEP), a jager-bomb toast, custom everything, a live band, some owls, a few obscure accents and people who just want to have the best time all into one mix:


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