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Kirsten & Jonny - Victoria Engagement

Well now, what can I say about these two? They're awesome. I could have told you that two years ago when I met Kirsten at Rifflandia Festival. We were both official photographers and got to know each other in the photo pit. I always wondered what her Tattoo, "I Love You" was all about. Turns out it was coupled with Jonny's tattoo. "I Know," it says. Hands up if you smell a Star Wars reference. A few months later they got engaged and booked me for their wedding happening this year in the Summer. This is when I met Jonny - a perfect match, I'd say. At the end of last year we shot the festival together again, except during The Flaming Lips. During that part of the festival she was recruited backstage as one of the few girls who got to get into a crazy Flaming Lips costume and rock out on stage with Wayne Coyne. Usually the first time I get to photograph couples is during the engagement session, but I guess sometimes you're thrown a curve-ball.

Jonny and Kirsten love aquariums. They pretty much bee-line for them as soon as they get into a new city. While we don'e have a major one in Victoria, we do have the Shaw Ocean Discovery Center. So this is where we went. Afterwards we explored Sidney, occasionally fascinated by the weird art pieces on the "Art Walk," mostly just having a good time.

I can't wait to shoot their wedding in July. I won't spoil it for you by telling you some of the things that get me all excited, but one thing I will tell you that there is going to be an owl at the wedding. It's going to kick-ass. More on that when we get there, though! Here are the engagement photos:

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