Vancouver Engagement Photographer

Etienne and Sylvie - Gastown, Vancouver

I recall throwing the phrase "mps" around during this shoot. Moments per second, that is. We laughed a little at that idea, but it was the easiest way to express how I felt about shooting these two. Their mps was off the charts. One moment flowed effortlessly into the next, a myriad of actions, gestures and expressions, each seemingly different to the last. 

Sylvie and Etienne threw me a bit of a curve-ball, being one of the most lively couples I've had the chance to work with. I just had to roll with it. This is how I like to work, though. The last thing I want to do is put all the couples I work with into one "photographic box," and make them all look like they are the same. Each person has a different personality, and therefore, so does each couple. People are best represented as they truly are. The trick is just to figure out what it is about each person that makes them who they are. 

It was no tough feat to figure that out with these two, though. Their personalities shone right through from the first few seconds I pointed a camera at them. A total bundle of fun and surprise. If this session foreshadows what their wedding is going to be like, I can't wait for one of the best days of shooting this summer.

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Steph & Brent - Sloquet Hot Springs

This was no ordinary engagement shoot, which was perfect for Steph and Brent. Instead of an afternoon session, these two decided to treat us to a weekend away to the Sloquet Hotsprings. Engagement pictures at a hot spring sounded like a swell time, photographer or not, so we made it happen. Andrew came along for the ride as well - adding to the unordinary. I met Andrew the weekend before at Brent's Stag in Ashcroft at Sundance Ranch (which I will be posting soon). On the way to the hot springs, we stopped for a night at their cabin in Squamish, where the ceremony and reception will be held. Seeing the area before the wedding has made me a tad bit too excited to shoot there in July. The next morning we were off, stopping along the way through the Fraser Valley to absorb the sights and jump into the glacier fed rivers. Once we got to the Hot Springs we set up camp, took a deep breath, and let all the stress of normal life dissolve. I love my job most of the time - but particularly this weekend. Here are some photographs from our little adventure:

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Kati & Steph - Vancouver Engagement

When I met Kati in Vancouver for the first time to talk about her wedding, I connected instantly with her. Unfortunately Steph was not able to make the meeting, but I knew that she had to be just as kind and interesting of a person as Kati. When I met Steph for the first time at the engagement shoot I knew that this was true. Both are truly wonderful people to be around, and just as great to photograph.

They introduced me to their dog, Blu, and their cat, Chocolate Bar, and the five of us hung out for a bit in their apartment catching up on recent life. Soon after we found our way to Wreck Beach, in Kitsalano. Once we got down the never-ending stairs, we explored the beach. It was here that Kati and Steph showed me just how connected the two of them are to each other. So comfortable in each others presence and ready to enjoy the moments of laughter and calmness on the beach.

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Aaron & Tessa - Engagement

I've always wanted to shoot an engagement (or wedding!) on Granville Island in Vancouver. It is one of the most photogenic places I've laid eyes on, filled with lots of fresh food, colour, and really fantastic vibes. Coincidentally, I can't think of a better location for Tessa and Aaron to have spent the afternoon hanging out and letting me take their picture. Both are food enthusiasts, with Aaron knowing absolutely everything about baking bread, and Tessa working in the wine industry. Beyond that, they're both just fun people, and I think this location really complimented their personality quite well. But, more on them later. I'm excited to be shooting their wedding next week in Vancouver, so you can export more soon.

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