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Aaron and Alicia - Victoria Wedding

I'll tell you this much. One thing I have learned through shooting anything since I started, is that producing any body of work like a wedding is entirely a 50/50 effort. I can only do so much to bring a wedding to life, but I cannot create anything that does not exist. The one constant I aim to maintain is that I give every shoot everything I've got. However, photographers are not wizards, as much as I wish that reality was true. 

From the moment I started photographing these two on Mystic Beach, where they complained not one bit about the drenching rain, I knew they were going to give me so much to work with on their wedding day. In fact, I knew that when I met Aaron for the first time.

We worked at the Butchart Gardens together, back in the day when I had just picked up a camera and practiced my skills on flowers in my lunch break. Aaron is the type of guy that is enthusiastic about anything. He's always thrilled, and he always does everything he can when it calls for it - because why not? That's what I learned about him that summer. Both of us parted our ways when the working season was over. 

A little while later, I found out about this girl who had swooped him up. It's a wonderful story, and you should ask them about it if you don't know it already. It's worth it. They asked me to shoot their wedding. Meeting Alicia, I quickly figured out that she was perfect for him. I felt honored to be the one that photographed moments they will look back on for the rest of their life. 

Here are some of those moments:

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Bart & Ashley

I have nothing but great things to say about getting to know Bart and Ashley and how magnificent there wedding was for me. Everything felt in its right place. These two had an incredible and unique connection with one another which I absolutely loved discovering and capturing with my camera. Their wedding ceremony took place in an almost hidden park in Oak Bay in Victoria called Anderson Hill Park. Although small, it had a shear decline to the ocean and provided a backdrop that we don't often see in Victoria - at least, one that I don't think I've ever stumbled across myself. What and absolute gem! It was only complimented by perfect light for the day. Beyond witnessing one of the most beautiful, simple and authentic wedding ceremonies in my career, their wedding had an air of true celebration. Family and friends were there to have a really great time, connect and reconnect with one another, and dance their socks off for these two fine people and the big step they had just taken in their lives. Needless to say, this was a particularly momentous wedding.

I feel like I've made friends with these two, and that's what really makes me so happy to work in this industry. Every year I invest a lot of time into all of the couples I shoot, and it's great to come out at the end having learned a lot more about life while making a few friends on the way. Without futher ado, Bart and Ashley:

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Marc & Vanessa

Vanessa is all smiles, all the time. On her wedding day she was even more so. It was so contagious I felt like I was the one having the best day of my life. She carried that smile all the way down the aisle to Marc, with the occasional teary moment on the way. Marc and Vanessa wanted to enjoy their entire day, with no rush, and no hassle. Their ceremony was early, and afterwards we hung out at their house for lunch with the wedding party and some family members. Then, Vanessa got back into her dress for the second time - both times at record breaking speeds for all the weddings I've shot in my career. We explored some of Victoria's beautiful scenery afterwards and took some pictures. Everything was so much fun because we allowed enough time for that to happen, and took it at a pace that kept everyone in good spirits. At the same time, I don't think anything could have gotten in the way of this wedding party and them having fun times. This was echoed by possibly the funniest speech I've ever heard in my life; the Viking speech by Robyn and Louisa. These two had me almost rolling on the floor in cramps. It wasn't easy to shoot. The reception was at the Fireside Grill, where I tried lobster ravioli for the first time (and it was remarkable, if you're wondering). The family was brought together with food, music, and dance, and more music, and then some more dance. Here is their story:

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Suzy & Graham - Engagement

We went to the beach to enjoy some hot chocolate and relax for a while. Arbutus Cove is where Graham popped the question to Suzy, and was perfect for these two. We did some exploring after warming up to the hot chocolate, and I must say, it's a rather gorgeous location. More on Suzy and Graham after I shoot their wedding in a few weeks. Here are the pictures from our little adventure morning adventure for now:

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Marc & Vanessa - Engagement

I just love engagement shoots that don't feel like a strict photo session, but more like a really great hang-out and stellar way to spend an afternoon. That's just what happened with Marc and Vanessa. We walked their dog, Addy, around Summit Park and later went canoeing on Elk Lake. Addy is one fine specimen of a Labradoodle and was a great companion to have a long the first part of the shoot. The second part of the shoot was me standing in a canoe in the middle of a lake with thousands of dollars of equipment strapped around me. Besides the nerves, it was as much fun for me as it was for Vanessa and Marc, I'm sure. We got the pictures, and I never fell in. These two will be getting married in just over two weeks, and I can't wait to get to know them better. Caeli and Jordan will also be at the wedding (Caeli is in the wedding party), and vice versa for Marc and Vanessa being at their wedding in Kelowna in September. Both weddings will be really good times. I couldn't be happier working with such great couples this year.

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Amanda & Robert - Wedding

Jumping between shooting Robert and Amanda prior to their wedding, I noticed that they were virtually stress free. They wanted to have a good time, and you could tell that they would let nothing get in the way. What was noticable was their level of excitement, and they weren't afraid to show it. Once they finally saw eachother and got married, their energy was through the roof. It was hapiness in it's purest form. It was unstoppable.

It was beyond my expectations, which were really high for these two, and I'm sure they could not have imagined what a swell time they would have either.

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Natasha & Joel - Wedding

I'll tell you like it is: something is so right for these two to be with each other. They are the most calm and collected pair I have ever taken photographs of. Everything about their wedding struck me as genuine, like it was meant to be. The timing, the people, the speeches. The undeniable love I saw in these two when they stood in front of their families to be wed.

All of it.

I am so happy to have been a part of something so real.

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Matt & Emma - Engaged

Matt and Emma had their engagement shoot in the week of Victoria's most unpredictable weather conditions. Remember that week where we had 6 different types of conditions outside in a day? So, we arranged to meet at Market Square, to avoid what we thought would be rain. In the end, I happened upon them in the square, in what was the first sun I've shot in this year. I could not have been happier. We explored what turned out to be a square filled with hidden walkways and interesting locations. I'm thrilled to be shooting their intimate, afternoon wedding at the end of May, in the glorious summer sun.

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2 years

On March 26th 2010 I bought my first DSLR (yes, I sound obsessed, and yes, that would be a very accurate assumption). This means I just had my anniversary. I had no idea that in my second year of adventuring through the world of photography that I would see the things I saw, and be able to collect those experiences they way I did.

I found myself at wedding ceremonies. I found myself in that tight space between Rock Stars and thousands of fans. I found myself amidst the chaos of the Vancouver riots. I found myself observing people in love, in disorder, in triumph, celebration, hopelessness...ecstasy. I found myself observing society. I found myself making friends and taking risks. I found myself in places I never thought I would.

I found myself.

I firmly believe that the things we see and the experiences we are exposed to shape our thought and our identity. Photography allows me to preserve those integral moments in life. Furthermore, it allows me to be a part of so much more than I could ever foresee. Nothing has taught me more about life than this rollorcoaster ride which photography is taking me on. Thank you for coming along.

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Robert&Amanda - Engagement

It's an incredible thing when a couple arrives at a shoot very relaxed and ready to have a good time. This is exactly the feeling Robert and Amanda presented me with when I met them in Bastion Square. No matter how many shoots I do, I am always nervous to start with; not because I think I am incapable, but because I really want to do a stellar job with every shoot I do. Robert and Amanda put me at ease immediately. They are a very fun, trusting and adventurous pair. On that note, we went exploring through the downtown core, a location mecca for photographers. It's always a great shoot when I end up in a location I never knew existed in Victoria with two people radiating pre-wedding affection to take photographs of. We stumbled upon two such locations, and we may or may not have spent quite some time soaking in the glory of a good find. With that, I will leave you with what you came here for:
To all the people who come to my blog to see my work, thank you. The interest you show brings me so much joy, even in its anonymity. These pictures are the prelude to what is surely going to be a fantastic wedding. Make sure you "like" my facebook page to keep in touch with when I release the story.

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So Duncan wanted headshots. We took it one step further. It turned into some sort of editorial shoot, unlike anything I've done before. He's an actor and comedian. He's on the right path to a successful career.

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Tanya & Mike - Parksville Wedding

When I met Tanya, I felt a great sense of peacefulness from being around her. That feeling followed through onto the wedding day up-island at Tigh-Na-Mara. It was a quick, 2.5 hour shoot, something I don't generally do, but considering I had never been to Parksville, I thought it would be a nice little adventure to embark on right before Christmas. Their wedding was very small, and slightly out of the norm for me. It's good practice to work in new environments and set-ups, probably the reason I love wedding photography so much; you're always on your toes. Spending time with Mike and Tanya made me feel so at ease with the world, perhaps because they were so connected and sharing something that was very mutual, and incredibly beautiful. Perhaps it was the calm of the ocean. The beaches in Parksville are lovely, and I am so glad that all of these things came together to create some meaningful imagery.

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Russell & Daniela Engagement.

The streets and malls were buzzing with shoppers on Boxing day, but Russell, Daniela and I had other plans. We went on an adventure, starting with something warm to drink. These two didn't need much warming up, though. They jumped straight into the shoot with ease - partly because of Russell's ability to make Daniela insta-smile, but mostly because of how comfortable they were with each other in front of a camera. We explored the Nootka Court, made a detour into an arbitrary parking lot, and ended up along the oceanfront walkway. Nearing our final location, we were joined by quite an inquisitive seal. It only surfaced for a few seconds, but it was enough to add a touch of magic to the shoot. Russel and Daniela are getting married in Vancouver on the 18th of February. It will be my first wedding of the year, and we are hoping for snow (you must think we're nuts). I can't express how psyched I am to shoot their wedding, and in the more general scheme of things, get the wedding year started. I have big plans to make this year something special.

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Sarah and Sjoerd

"So I gotta ask, which band are they? Where are you guys traveling from?" said the baffled gentleman in the washroom shortly before I left to see the Bride. Breakfast rocked with the guys, and apparently it got people in Floyd's curious. Sjoerd and his gang aren't in a traveling band together; however, pretty much all the people at the table are musicians - including yours truly.

It was going to be a good day ahead, filled with moments, triumphs, guitar slides, love, joy, family and really, really good food. After shooting for 16 hours, I had no idea how many images I had taken that day, except that I had filled all 11 of my CF cards, totaling 96 gigs of data. It's only when I got around to editing the files that I realized I had taken 3430 images. This was a new record for me. Kind of ridiculous, you might think...and you would be absolutely right. Insane, yes, but if you know the frightening pace of successive moments throughout the day, you would understand. Unfortunately I can't put them all in one blog post, but while I'm in the mood for breaking personal records, I can still bombard you with the biggest post I've ever crafted.

Here's to live bands, umbrellas, hand-made toffee apples and boutonnieres, orchards, the Dutch, sailors, the love Sarah and Sjoerd have for one another and... really, really good food:

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Terron and Mariko

Right from the start, I could sense that Terron and Mariko were wildly in love with each other. They told me stories about how they met, trials and triumphs in their past, what they saw in their future. I feel honoured to have documented a part of this couples' life together. Now...I can't go back in time and photograph all the glorious moments that these two have had together, but at the very least, I am able to tell this part of their life through these pictures:

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Caeli and Jordan

As I try to recollect our adventure at Galey's Farm a few days ago, I get lost somewhere in all the fun moments we had. A few days before the shoot, Caeli came up with the idea heading to the Corn Maze. I hadn't yet met Jordan, but figured that if he was any bit a reflection of Caeli's personality, this would be the perfect place to spend some time with the two of them.

It was.

They left the shoot with a smile on their face and a giant pumpkin in their car. Best part of all: the good times don't stop here. Next year I get to travel up to Kelowna where they plan on having an absolute blast of a wedding. I couldn't be more excited. 

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Sarah and Sjoerd - Preview

Here's a quick look at one of the images from Sarah and Sjoerd's wedding the other day. Stitching together Brenizer (or Bokeh) panoramas like this one is a lot like shooting a roll of film. You have an idea of what you've got, but you're never quite sure until you've processed the images and waited quite some time - all the while, there is this jovial uproar bubbling inside of you as you anticipate the final product. This one in particular was stitched together from 44 images, shot on the 24-70mm f/2.8L @ 70mm @f/2.8. I really can't wait to bring you all the stories from their wedding, it truly was a momentous day.

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