Victoria Wedding Photography

Marc & Vanessa

Vanessa is all smiles, all the time. On her wedding day she was even more so. It was so contagious I felt like I was the one having the best day of my life. She carried that smile all the way down the aisle to Marc, with the occasional teary moment on the way. Marc and Vanessa wanted to enjoy their entire day, with no rush, and no hassle. Their ceremony was early, and afterwards we hung out at their house for lunch with the wedding party and some family members. Then, Vanessa got back into her dress for the second time - both times at record breaking speeds for all the weddings I've shot in my career. We explored some of Victoria's beautiful scenery afterwards and took some pictures. Everything was so much fun because we allowed enough time for that to happen, and took it at a pace that kept everyone in good spirits. At the same time, I don't think anything could have gotten in the way of this wedding party and them having fun times. This was echoed by possibly the funniest speech I've ever heard in my life; the Viking speech by Robyn and Louisa. These two had me almost rolling on the floor in cramps. It wasn't easy to shoot. The reception was at the Fireside Grill, where I tried lobster ravioli for the first time (and it was remarkable, if you're wondering). The family was brought together with food, music, and dance, and more music, and then some more dance. Here is their story:

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Bart & Ashley - Engagement

After a 2 week, 9 engagement and 2 wedding shooting spree, finally, I had a full day of sunlight. Obviously, we shot in magic hour, which is really 3 or so hours of golden light up north here. The light was almost tangible. Fortunately, Bart and Ashley enjoyed the sunshine too. Who wouldn't? Especially after the most drawn out winter I've ever experienced. We hung out on the beach, and then decided to climb Mount Douglas. Most would admit that that's a great way to spend a summer day in Victoria, and I'm really happy I got to get to know these two in the process. They're fun, and loving, and real. Looking forward to their wedding in a few weeks.

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Natasha & Joel - Wedding

I'll tell you like it is: something is so right for these two to be with each other. They are the most calm and collected pair I have ever taken photographs of. Everything about their wedding struck me as genuine, like it was meant to be. The timing, the people, the speeches. The undeniable love I saw in these two when they stood in front of their families to be wed.

All of it.

I am so happy to have been a part of something so real.

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Robert&Amanda - Engagement

It's an incredible thing when a couple arrives at a shoot very relaxed and ready to have a good time. This is exactly the feeling Robert and Amanda presented me with when I met them in Bastion Square. No matter how many shoots I do, I am always nervous to start with; not because I think I am incapable, but because I really want to do a stellar job with every shoot I do. Robert and Amanda put me at ease immediately. They are a very fun, trusting and adventurous pair. On that note, we went exploring through the downtown core, a location mecca for photographers. It's always a great shoot when I end up in a location I never knew existed in Victoria with two people radiating pre-wedding affection to take photographs of. We stumbled upon two such locations, and we may or may not have spent quite some time soaking in the glory of a good find. With that, I will leave you with what you came here for:
To all the people who come to my blog to see my work, thank you. The interest you show brings me so much joy, even in its anonymity. These pictures are the prelude to what is surely going to be a fantastic wedding. Make sure you "like" my facebook page to keep in touch with when I release the story.

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Russell & Daniela Engagement.

The streets and malls were buzzing with shoppers on Boxing day, but Russell, Daniela and I had other plans. We went on an adventure, starting with something warm to drink. These two didn't need much warming up, though. They jumped straight into the shoot with ease - partly because of Russell's ability to make Daniela insta-smile, but mostly because of how comfortable they were with each other in front of a camera. We explored the Nootka Court, made a detour into an arbitrary parking lot, and ended up along the oceanfront walkway. Nearing our final location, we were joined by quite an inquisitive seal. It only surfaced for a few seconds, but it was enough to add a touch of magic to the shoot. Russel and Daniela are getting married in Vancouver on the 18th of February. It will be my first wedding of the year, and we are hoping for snow (you must think we're nuts). I can't express how psyched I am to shoot their wedding, and in the more general scheme of things, get the wedding year started. I have big plans to make this year something special.

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Sarah and Sjoerd

"So I gotta ask, which band are they? Where are you guys traveling from?" said the baffled gentleman in the washroom shortly before I left to see the Bride. Breakfast rocked with the guys, and apparently it got people in Floyd's curious. Sjoerd and his gang aren't in a traveling band together; however, pretty much all the people at the table are musicians - including yours truly.

It was going to be a good day ahead, filled with moments, triumphs, guitar slides, love, joy, family and really, really good food. After shooting for 16 hours, I had no idea how many images I had taken that day, except that I had filled all 11 of my CF cards, totaling 96 gigs of data. It's only when I got around to editing the files that I realized I had taken 3430 images. This was a new record for me. Kind of ridiculous, you might think...and you would be absolutely right. Insane, yes, but if you know the frightening pace of successive moments throughout the day, you would understand. Unfortunately I can't put them all in one blog post, but while I'm in the mood for breaking personal records, I can still bombard you with the biggest post I've ever crafted.

Here's to live bands, umbrellas, hand-made toffee apples and boutonnieres, orchards, the Dutch, sailors, the love Sarah and Sjoerd have for one another and... really, really good food:

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Tiffany and Chris

Sometimes I am lost for words and I think my pictures can tell a better story, but there are a few things you should know about this wedding. It was not conventional. There was no ceremony. Tiffany and Chris got married a few days after they contacted me to shoot their wedding in a more private setting, but the wedding was not over. As you know, the ceremony doesn't come without some sort of celebration. That's what this day was like for me. It was non-stop celebration thrown a few days after the actual ceremony. After shooting so many weddings this year, it was refreshing to get things done differently. Bride and Groom got ready in the same house, there was no rush to get to the ceremony, family pictures were done after the first dance. Everything I knew about how your wedding day is supposed to go down was spun around. I must say, one of the reasons I love wedding photography is this: it keeps you on your toes. No matter how good you are at anticipating events, things will change, a random driver may ram into the car owned by one of the groomsmen as you are leaving, or you may have to stop at Safeway while the bride picks up some champagne. These things will happen, and it makes the 15 hour day worth every minute. These are the things that happened at their wedding:

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Terron and Mariko - Engagement

I met Terron and Mariko when they booked me about 10 months ago to shoot their wedding. From that first initial meet, I knew that these two were going to be an incredible couple to work with. Needless to say, I was excited to shoot them, and after seeing them a few more times in the following months, my excitement only grew. A few days ago we got to do the shoot, and it turned out to be one of the most fun shoots I have ever been on. I really love it when couples make suggestions about their shoot, so that we can work on personalizing it and turning it into something more than a regular photo session. These two CP's ("cutie pies" - what they call each other all the time [you learn something everyday]) were no exception to this. As a student, Mariko had always wanted to get a certain picture of herself and her man when she would eventually meet him. The picture in question was from a very famous poster she had of a couple on the beach (I guarantee you have seen the picture somewhere in your life and you will recognize it further in the blog post). Mariko showed me the picture, and so, we made it happen. Terron suggested we go to China beach, which I am thrilled he thought about because it has got to be one of the most fantastic beaches I have ever come across (this is serious news coming from a South African whose home country is famous for it's coastline). We got to the beach, we had tonnes of fun, and we got the picture. The combo of suggestions, awesome location and enthusiastic/incredible/absolutely-in-love couple contributed to incredible images.

I am more excited than ever to shoot their wedding at Bear Mountain on September 17th.

Emily and Craig (second-shooting)

I must confess, it has been quite some time since my last blog post. I have a lot coming your way soon, though, so don't give up on the blog just yet. When I'm not shooting this year, I'm second-shooting. Either way, I have gotten a lot of shooting done in the past few weeks and I hope to bring it all to you soon. In this post's case, I second-shot for the wonderful Jesse Holland. I had a really fun time editing these images because they reminded me how awesome the day really was.