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2 years

On March 26th 2010 I bought my first DSLR (yes, I sound obsessed, and yes, that would be a very accurate assumption). This means I just had my anniversary. I had no idea that in my second year of adventuring through the world of photography that I would see the things I saw, and be able to collect those experiences they way I did.

I found myself at wedding ceremonies. I found myself in that tight space between Rock Stars and thousands of fans. I found myself amidst the chaos of the Vancouver riots. I found myself observing people in love, in disorder, in triumph, celebration, hopelessness...ecstasy. I found myself observing society. I found myself making friends and taking risks. I found myself in places I never thought I would.

I found myself.

I firmly believe that the things we see and the experiences we are exposed to shape our thought and our identity. Photography allows me to preserve those integral moments in life. Furthermore, it allows me to be a part of so much more than I could ever foresee. Nothing has taught me more about life than this rollorcoaster ride which photography is taking me on. Thank you for coming along.

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Sarah and Sjoerd

"So I gotta ask, which band are they? Where are you guys traveling from?" said the baffled gentleman in the washroom shortly before I left to see the Bride. Breakfast rocked with the guys, and apparently it got people in Floyd's curious. Sjoerd and his gang aren't in a traveling band together; however, pretty much all the people at the table are musicians - including yours truly.

It was going to be a good day ahead, filled with moments, triumphs, guitar slides, love, joy, family and really, really good food. After shooting for 16 hours, I had no idea how many images I had taken that day, except that I had filled all 11 of my CF cards, totaling 96 gigs of data. It's only when I got around to editing the files that I realized I had taken 3430 images. This was a new record for me. Kind of ridiculous, you might think...and you would be absolutely right. Insane, yes, but if you know the frightening pace of successive moments throughout the day, you would understand. Unfortunately I can't put them all in one blog post, but while I'm in the mood for breaking personal records, I can still bombard you with the biggest post I've ever crafted.

Here's to live bands, umbrellas, hand-made toffee apples and boutonnieres, orchards, the Dutch, sailors, the love Sarah and Sjoerd have for one another and... really, really good food:

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